7 winning attitudes of a great restaurant.

What makes a good restaurant? It’s a given that the food must be delicious, squeaky clean and staffed with the right people. However, there are just some that can’t deliver and aren’t consistent enough to last in the industry. We’ve all been to that one restaurant that we just can’t get enough of. Here are 7 winning attitudes of that restaurant.

1. Good work ethics

Respect, integrity and responsibility are important qualities of a workplace. There’s no way to lose with them. To earn respect, you have to give it. No one likes a disrespectful person especially a guest. Integrity shows trustworthiness. I’d rather eat at a place that tells me there’s something in my food than not being told at all. Taking responsibility for one’s mistakes deserve respect. You just can’t turn down a sincere apology and a well compensated meal unless you’re a bad person. Lastly, one more quality that would we all want to see in a restaurant is consistency in the food that we eat and especially the service guests receive.

2. Being friendly

We all want a restaurant that treats you like a friend and not just a customer. Some restaurants that just take orders right away make it seem like it’s a burden for them to have guests there. A simple conversation on how your day went after a hard day at work makes the entire dining experience much better. Befriending guests makes them more comfortable and might even turn them into loyal patrons.

3. Having a presence of mind

Restaurant staff must be able to adapt to any situation that comes their way be it a rude guest at table 1 to another waiting in line and demanding a seat at table 2. There are always unseen circumstances in every workplace and the best way to respond is take a deep breath and learn whose priorities can be accommodated right away. The staff should never ever show panic and handle these situations one at a time.

4. No to slacking off!

Guests are also observant to staff who are slacking off and must be addressed right away. Never ever slack off. A restaurant that’s understaffed or overstaffed cannot give guests quality service. Proper work delegation can only be done if the restaurant is properly staffed. Restaurants can attend to countless queries right away with the right amount of manpower.

5. Being proud

One of the perks in living in our modern world is the availability of eating food from all across the globe near your workplace or household. With that, the amount of restaurants that serve the same type of food are everywhere and you can only distinguish the good ones from the bad ones from the uniqueness of the food experience as well as the service. Guests love high quality food, good value for their money and a great venue. It’s when you see guests taking pictures of the food, posting in social media, taking selfies with positive feedback that make people experience the same unique experience their friends had. That’s something good restaurants should be proud of.

6. Be positive

A simple smile goes a long way. Be it the guests or colleagues, a sincere smile will turn anyone’s grumpy day upside down. Smiling is infectious and can turn up the positivity in a restaurant especially if it’s busy due to the amount of guests.

7. Have fun!

Of course, restaurants must be a place for fun not only for the guests but also for the staff. The restaurant just has to enjoy and have fun just as much as they want their guests to have. The only way to do it is if they love what they are doing.