Digital Marketing Trends for Restaurants

In the world of advanced technology, there are lots of Restaurant Marketing Strategies, which could easily be applied in many restaurants, while others might require little more effort, time, and money. Over the years, the internet has proven to be the best option regarding marketing your brand and it is only getting better and making traditional marketing methods obsolete.

Even if your Restaurant offers the best food and an ideal customer service, and you still have a large number of empty seats during dinner time, then that means you’ve been marketing your Restaurant the wrong way or not enough. Read on for some good marketing insights.

When should you start marketing your restaurant online? The right time to start is NOW! Consider making use of the newest opportunities to promote your restaurant. It’s no more news that technology has improved over the years, and the internet has been the best place to take your business to.

Start with your own website, of course!

Success begins with your website, your customer communication, how you promote your site, daily updates on deals, prices, changes and many other things going on in your restaurant. Fresh and unique content on a regular basis is a must as this will help you in getting potential customers who might just Google you.

Promoting Your Restaurant on Social Media

A great way to promote your restaurant is through social media. Promoting your restaurant business on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a very effective way to increase the number of customers that patronizes your restaurant. Inform your regular and potential clients about every happening in your restaurant using these social channels and watch your business grow very quickly.

Have a presence on at least three of these channels. Update your followers at with weekly or daily interesting post. The content might range from news about latest dishes, admirable and inviting photos, activities announcement and you can also share videos that will make your followers love what you do.

Social networks sometimes might not guarantee you new guests right away, but it gives your existing customers the feeling that you care about them. Remember, social marketing takes time. Customers do not buy unless they build a trusting relationship with you and the best and easiest way to do this today is doubtlessly the social media.

Restaurant Email Marketing

If you’re considering building customer loyalty, then E-mail Marketing is also a great way to do that. According to research, 22% of marketing budget by small business owners is spent on E-mail, higher than what is spent on social media marketing.

Make yourself familiar with the program, write an e-mail that is strategic, and get started. Remember to Pre-write an E-mail appreciating your clients for responsiveness. You can personalize your message if you know the customer. Gently nudge your regular customers to drop feedback. Remember to check your e-mail messages regularly and reply within 24hours.

Mobile Marketing for Your Restaurant

Mobile phones record 51% of time that is spent online, 50% of restaurant website visits is recorded from smartphones, while 46% is visited with PCs, and 4% for tablets
Over 60% of smartphone users make purchase decision using their mobiles. Additionally, about 42% of shoppers believe the most important medium for their decision is their cell phone.
People make purchases faster when they are on their mobile. In fact, lots of consumers want to make the purchase the same day; about 34% want to make their purchase immediately; and 30% are hungry and want to eat within the same hour.