Digital Marketing

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The customer today is not limited to seeking the mere phone number; in addition, they want to know about the hours of operation of the restaurant, what’s there in the menu list and what wine is served. They also want to know about the chef, the décor looks and how the dishes look when served. Moreover, many of them take a step further to read the reviews, recommendations and look for options to make a booking via an app.

Getting into the online scenario is no more an absurdity; it is in-fact a necessity. Today, it is considered abnormal for restaurants to not have an online presence. And to make it to the top in search engine findings, you need a firm social media presence, reputation management, email campaigns and spread of brand awareness locally on the internet.

  • Website Development

    Your restaurant may be located in one of the most suitable spots of the city, but if you are not present online, you are missing a considerable number of prospective customers. Here is how it goes; gone are the days when people used to look at bulky directories and phone books for finding the phone numbers and addresses.

    Needless to say, a website is a dire necessity. Our expert digital team works on the cutting edge of technology and best practices. We make websites specifically for restaurants to drive performance. Mobile friendly and SEO compatible. Get a professionally designed custom website that attract customers into your restaurant.

  • Logo and Identity

    Custom Logo Design & Branding tailored to suit the culture of your restaurant, it’s core values & distinction. We take a strategic approach to creating unique brand identities.

    To create a uniform look, we design an entire package from scratch. An attractive and unique logo, website, matching menu pages and a tailored look on most platforms of social media.

  • Photo Shoot Management

    Professionally taken food and restaurant pictures are quintessential for any restaurant. Bestauranto employs the services of highly professional photographers to make your food look scrumptious!

    And once we are loaded and fully equipped, let’s turn your website into a juicy invitation for its audience, let’s food-stagram and lead Facebook and Twitter campaigns to create a desperate hunger among your social following!

    On the whole let’s help you make more money from your online and social traffic.

  • Email Marketing

    The relationship between small independent restaurants and email marketing is an unquestionable success. Both go hand in hand because small local restaurants don’t have the finances to promote on television or radio, leave alone billboards. The decreasing circulation and audience of newspapers means expensive advertisements go ignored by the target audience.

    But email marketing software gives local restaurants an inexpensive and easy alternative. Most software or online subscriptions are affordable for restaurants of all sizes. At Bestauranto we handle email marketing for local restaurants. Be it just news, promotions, campaigns or contests, we do it with a full-fledged annual editorial calendar. Rest assured, with Bestauranto. 2-3 phone calls or meetings a month and we handle your fan following like the way you would do it yourself.

  • Content Creation

    Website content
    Menu pages
    Facebook posts
    Press Releases…
    We got you covered.