Employee Management

Staffing and Career Fairs

High turnaround, disengaged employees, fatigue and burn-out? We can help identifying the root cause and engage the management to improve a highly productive environment with loyal employees who would feel happy to come to work and be proud to work in your organization.

  • Career fairs to explore the best possible talent to match the culture of your restaurant
  • Interviewing and hiring
  • Server training – Individual and Team
  • Pre-planned scheduling and training for unscheduled interruptions
  • Ideas and strategies to motivate and retain your best assets – no technology can replace your employees
  • Ways to engage and energize employees to improve the business

Server Training

The days of serving food and collecting the money for it are past. Even for a simple fast food joint, branding and recognition of the values towards the customers is the way to survive this business. Your employees are the ambassadors for your brand. Are they trained well enough to carry your flag?

Every employee does receive a basic training in every organization, which one soon realizes that it never meets the demanding nature of humans. A happy customer is a repeat customer and also a live critic, whose comments can make or break a business. Times evolve, so does training needs. A busy business misses the new trends and critical opportunities to enhance their customers’ expectations.

Bestauranto’s Server Training Program comes to you as a comprehensive package tailored to your unique restaurant. Our tailored STP includes

  • Menu Knowledge
  • Server Etiquette
  • Hospitality Rules
  • Table Setting
  • Competence and Advanced Skills
  • Up Selling
  • Customer Service
  • Role Playing Games
  • More…

Recognition Programs

We launch Recognition Programs in restaurants where employee count is at least 16 or more… Recognition and Staff Incentives have really proven to make a positive impact on employee satisfaction. Motivate your employees and give your work place a morale boost that makes your staff proud to work for you. Talk to us today about our different incentive programs, let’s help strengthen your team, and result in increased profits due to higher employee productivity, retention and engagement.