Terms and Conditions

By signing this agreement, you, the restaurant owner, understand that Bestauranto’s April showers Instagram campaign is an external campaign hosted outside of your restaurant by Bestauranto. This does not take away from your in-house Instagram campaign.

The cost of joining this campaign is $89.95 plus tax and this has to be submitted before due date for your restaurant to be considered part of the campaign. The fee once remitted is non refundable.

This campaign does not take over posting on your Instagram account or interacting with your followers. This campaign mainly focuses on growing your following and capturing more target leads.

This campaign runs for only 30 days only. Continuity of work with Bestauranto shall be in the form of new future campaigns.

Bestauranto will not ask for your Instagram password or post on any social media platform on your behalf. Diners’ participation in this campaign is purely voluntary; diners have not been paid and shall not be paid any remuneration to write positive reviews on your behalf or post to their Instagram accounts on your behalf.